Affordable Teeth Whitening Gel Products

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If you are interested in purchasing some teeth whitening gel but arent sure what brand or kind to use, it really isnt any wonder that you are having trouble. There are so many different products out there on the market that it makes it super confusing. This is even moreso if you have never used anything before to whiten your teeth. Following is a rundown of some of your options regarding the use of teeth whitening gel and the appliances and applicators that can be used with it.

Some of the most popular instruments for brightening your smile are the bleaching pens. These little gadgets really do resemble pens, and many people like them because they require no messy mixing, no special tools for application, and also they can fit easily in a purse or pocket. These have the solution in them already, and all you have to do is coat your teeth with the soft applicator tip as instructed on it. Different pens have different guidelines for use, so you need to make sure that you follow whatever is written on the label for your specific product.

There are also the kits available that use dental trays, which are used along with teeth whitening gel. Normally you apply the gel onto the inside of the tray, then insert the tray into the mouth over the teeth for a designated amount of time. Again, you are going to want to follow the exact instructions written for your kit. Some of the dental trays are of a one size fits all design, and others are made of a sturdy wax that you boil to heat, then insert into your mouth before it completely cools, and this will make an impression of your teeth. The benefit of using these trays with the teeth whitening gel is that the tray becomes uniquely shaped to fit your teeth pretty well.

You have probably heard of the special lights that are used along with the teeth whitening gel to brighten smiles. Overall, these little lights really do seem to make a difference when it comes to the job. They are specially designed to enhance and speed up the whitening powers of the gel, and most people really are satisfied with the results they see from using the lights. Other more basic and well known methods of applying teeth whitening gel to the teeth are the whitening strips that people use, which really were the first popular products that people used instead of going to the dentists office, paying a fortune for whitening services.
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Affordable Teeth Whitening Gel Products

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This article was published on 2010/10/09