Help! My Teenager Has Yellow Teeth

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Parents in Los Angeles are probably like most parents everywhere else when it comes to caring for their children. LA parents care for their children by trying to give them the very best of everything. However, like a number of parents in the US, many LA parents also dont notice their childs growing needs too.

This scenario occurs when both parents need to work in order to support their child. In most cases, parents suddenly wake up to the fact that they have to deal with teenagers already, since their offspring are no longer children. When this happens, they have to realize that their children now have other needs when it comes to health.

If youre a parent and your teenager begins having health-related issues like yellowing teeth, its easy to sound the alarm and start consulting every specialist in Los Angeles. While consulting a specialist is a possible option, it may still be best to keep the childs dentist in mind. If you cant visit a dental clinic yet, here are some frequently asked questions about yellow teeth and the corresponding answers to them. Perhaps this might help you understand the situation until you visit the dentist.

What could be the cause?

When determining causes for yellowing or darkening teeth, the regular dentist in LA would usually ask parents if they have relatives or family members with the same condition. Sometimes genetics is the main cause for this situation and this cant be helped. If white teeth runs in your family, then your teenagers problem is probably due to consuming products like colored sodas.

Is there a possible treatment?

Any dentist in LA would recommend adjusting ones lifestyle to avoid the discoloration. This entails curbing habits that contribute to yellowing teeth. Heavily colored drinks, soda and caffeine are notorious causes for teeth discoloration, so your teenager must lessen or altogether eliminate the consumption of these products. Harmful activities such as smoking should be stopped as well.

Can my teenager go for teeth whitening?

If you have a 15-year-old teenager and youre hoping to get a go signal for teeth whitening from your dentist in LA, then be prepared to get opposite advice. Most dentists do not recommend teeth whitening unless your teenager is 17 years old and above. Teeth whitening procedures can harm the tooths pulp chamber, and may cause irreversible damage if its performed on younger people.
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Help! My Teenager Has Yellow Teeth

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This article was published on 2011/04/19