Maintaining Healthy White Teeth at Home

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Healthy white teeth is the number one reason why patients keep up with their dental visits, the dentist with the help of the dental hygienist can help you to maintain the natural white appearance of your teeth. However, nature needs a little helping hand in today's modern world and the way to maintain healthy white teeth is more than by just brushing twice a day.

It is important to know that some teeth discolorations are more stubborn than others, so results may vary depending on the degree of your teeth discoloration. Heavy drinkers of coffee and even iced tea tend to have discoloration on their teeth. If you want healthy white teeth you may need to reduce some of these guilty pleasures.

The most advanced technology used for teeth bleaching uses laser light, but this procedure is still a controversial issue in the medical field. Light activated teeth whitening is certainly gaining ground and patients are happy with the outcome if not the cost. Laser teeth whitening by it's implication of being 'high technology' can therefore demand a high price.

Fortunately there are teeth whitening methods available for you to choose from that do not cost a fortune. However it does need to be an ongoing treatment procedure in order to maintain that look of healthy white teeth that you desire. Just that you find a system that works wonders for you does not mean that you can use it to achieve a good result and then stop the treatment as you will soon return to the same dull, yellow look that first started you to look for a solution. If you find the system that works it is much better to take the time each week or month that the procedure recommends to maintain the improved look.

One method is by using a dental whitener kit. This kit consists of a mouthpiece and a bleaching agent. This is a method that could easily be done in the comforts of your own home. Home teeth whitening is carried out through wearing the mouthpiece, filling it with the bleaching agent and wearing it overnight. Using a fitted mouthpiece is often recommended as it can produce better results. This kind of method for healthy white teeth is the least expensive. Kits are available for people with a very low budget, but many people dislike the wearing of a tray to achieve results.

Whitening toothpastes. These types of toothpastes contain chemical or polishing agents that remove surface stains from the teeth. Although this is the easiest way of attempting to obtain whiter teeth, this type of treatment doesn't provide the same good results that other methods can offer.

The above discussed methods all have their disadvantages of poor results or having to wear some uncomfortable apparatus overnight. It appears that the most successful method of achieving whiter teeth is by a process that does not involve wearing trays or even strips. It is a simple to apply process that woks quickly for top results usually within the first week of application. It has the added benefit of removing plaque and also polishing the teeth. This type of application can be handled easily at home and is proving to be a most effective way of obtaining healthy white teeth. Again regular application will keep that smile looking bright and white.

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Maintaining Healthy White Teeth at Home

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This article was published on 2010/04/03