Teeth Whitening - 5 of the Fastest Home Teeth Whitening Products

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Home teeth whitening products segment has witnessed a boom in the recent years. The ease of use and quick accessibility are a few reasons responsible for this trend. People no longer want to waste time over cumbersome dental in- office teeth whitening treatments and it has paved way for home use kits that are easy on pocket and time-saving too. Here are 5 of the fastest home teeth whitening products for you:

1. Brush- On Whiteners

These are super quick way to whiten your teeth. Just brush them on the teeth, leave to dry and wash off to get visibly whiter teeth. While you do this, be careful of avoiding alcohol and glycerin based products in order to get perfect results.

2. Stick On Strips

These are another hit in the home teeth whitening segment. The ease of use is a big advantage with these as no preparation is required. Their results too are visible in amazingly short time spans.

3. Tray based Products

Moldable trays with bleaching gels are yet another time saving option to whiten your teeth. These comprise of trays that are filled with peroxide bleaching agents to whiten the teeth. The best part about these is that they provide customized dental quality results in lesser time and expenditure.

4. Oral Rinse

An oxygenating oral rinse is also a great quick-fix remedy for stained teeth. Use it singly or combine it to heighten the effects of other treatments, it is sure to deliver amazing results.

5. Home remedies

The key to whiten your teeth could be lying within the confines of your kitchen's pantry. Some lime mixed with salt acts as a great teeth whitener hen rubbed against your teeth. This age old practice is surely going to work wonders for you in the least possible time.

After reading this you must be convinced that teeth whitening does not necessarily require much time. So you don't need haggle with your busy schedule to make up for the dentist's appointments any more. Just grab a kit and relax- your job is done.

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Teeth Whitening - 5 of the Fastest Home Teeth Whitening Products

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This article was published on 2010/03/27