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Tooth whitening problems can occur. However, any discomfort or irritation due to the use of whitening products can be alleviated by discontinuing the use of the product. Our products are formulated from only the highest quality ingredients and are actually designed to reduce teeth whitening problems. Our teeth whitening product requires far less application time – 15 – 30 minutes per day – thus alleviating the teeth whitening problems of comfort or having to wear the trays for longer periods of time. Our teeth whitening gel does not contain any harmful products. These teeth whitening problems may ruin your hope of sparkling white teeth:

1. Chemical Damage

Although used in small doses during teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide is still a powerful chemical. The SCCP research showed that Hydrogen peroxide can act as a weak cancer promoter that can slightly stimulate the growth or multiplication of cancer cells. As is well known, tobacco use, alcohol abuse and specific genetic predispositions increase the risk of oral cancer and Hydrogen peroxide may therefore further increase this risk, especially when the treatment is repeated. This may be of a special concern to smokers who are the most likely candidates for tooth whitening. As reported by the American Dental Association in February of 2008, the most commonly observed side effects of professionally applied hydrogen peroxide products are temporary, however

This research showed that after crossing the enamel hydrogen peroxide passes into dentin and pulp. In some cases it causes mild inflammation of the pulp which may be the reason for increased teeth sensitivity. You are at a greater risk for whitening sensitivity if you have gum recession, significant cracks in your teeth or leakage resulting from faulty restorations. Some researches also reported that redheads, including those with no other risk factors, are more prone to occurrence of tooth sensitivity and zingers.

3. Mouth irritation

If you use peroxide teeth whiteners you have a 50 percent chance of experiencing some degree of gum irritation resulting from the bleach concentration or from contact with the whitening trays. Such irritation typically lasts up to several days, dissipating after bleaching has stopped or the peroxide concentration lowered.

4. Technicolor teeth

If you are thinking about whitening your teeth, you should understand that only natural enamel will whiten. What it means is that if you have had any type of restorative procedures done? such as tooth-colored fillings, bonding, crowns, or veneers on your teeth? those particular teeth will not whiten resulting in the so-called Technicolor teeth effect.

5. No Dental Insurance

1. Sore throat. When you're utilizing hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth, you're playing around with an extremely aggressive chemical. Do not swallow any of it or else you will get a sore throat. You may even get headaches from that. In case you are unlucky, tingling sensations within your mouth.

2. Allergic reaction. If you're out of luck, you may have an allergic reaction to the substances utilized in the bleaching solution. Many people will not have this, however if you do, you will get uncomfortable for a little bit. You could feel some swelling inside your mouth and throat.

3. Gum irritation. The hydrogen peroxide based gel must get in contact only with teeth. The gums will not require any whitening and are sensitive by nature. So keep the whitening chemicals away from the gums at all times. If they get irritated, it could be unpleasant.

4. Sensitive and painful teeth. In case you make the mistake of abusing hydrogen peroxide for too much time or perhaps at excessive concentrations, you are in the risk of completely damaging your teeth. Without the protection of the enamel, they'll become painful and sensitive permanently.

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Tooth Whitening Problems

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This article was published on 2011/04/09