Tooth Whitening Side Effects

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While a large number of people are increasingly interested in obtaining a sparkling smile, the practice of tooth whitening is becoming more popular. Many procedures are used from the professional to other methods like the use of products that can be purchased over the counter, and even toothpastes that perform whitening. By and large there are hardly any side effects from suffered from the practice of tooth whitening, however on the other hand there are certainly some people who are affected by the treatment.

Side effects those are common

Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common of all side effects that occur as teeth whitening results. Exposure of the teeth to the air, and consumption of drinks and foods that are either cold or hot, are some of the instances which causes sensitivity is experienced. Usually this kind of sensitivity doesn't last long and is not very serious.

Teeth enamel is also sometimes damaged during tooth whitening and should be considered one of the side effects. Too much bleaching, usage of home kits more frequently than necessary, and tooth whitening processes can result in permanent damage to the enamel of their teeth. When using a home kit for bleaching, it is essential that the instructions are carefully read, and the guidelines for use are adhered to accurately.

Gum irritation can also take place as a teeth whitening result when a home kit has been used. This takes place in the soft mouth tissues or in the gums and is caused by excessive exposure bleaching agents that are found in tooth whitening.

A fairly uncommon side effect is also an upset stomach and possibly nausea. This is a direct result of not using adequate protection from absorbing bleaching gel in to the system inadvertently, while using a home kit for whitening.

Are you prone to side effects?

Though everyone is not prone to side effects from the procedures and products for teeth whitening, there are common features that could be found in those people that do suffer from side effects:

If you already have sensitivity to cold and hot foods the process of tooth whitening may accelerate it.

If you habitually consume citrus juice and fruit juices.

If you drink carbonated drinks every day.

If you are prone to sensitivity whenever you have a regular dental cleaning.


The best idea is to check with your dentist for the best procedures and products prior to embarking on your teen cleaning process.
While deciding on which is the best method for you, you should keep under consideration:

Whether you have dental work performed in the front section of the mouth, which will cause the treatment to produce streaky or spotty results.

Whether you are already sensitive to cold and hot drinks and foods.

Whether you have the condition called receding gums. The bleaching agents can cause irritation and in the mouth tissues and gums.

Whether you have an allergic reaction to peroxide. Since almost all professionally used bleaching substances have this ingredient, you should then look for an alternative. Try visiting Best Teeth Whitening Product for quality whitening products.

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Tooth Whitening Side Effects

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This article was published on 2010/04/03