Why choose tray-based teeth whitening?

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Not many people know that teeth whitening procedures have been applied ever since the ancient of times, by the Egyptians and Romans alike. As time passed, these procedures and teeth whitening products evolved, becoming more efficient and safe. Today, we are talking about an entire industry revolving around the use of such procedures, generally known as cosmetic dentistry. One can find all the information on the subject online, along with the teeth whitening products that can be used for such purposes and best of all, try them in private, at home.

The reason why so many people go online to search for teeth whitening is because they all want a bright smile. It’s common knowledge that the shade of one’s teeth change as that person ages and having white teeth can be quite difficult. The shading of the teeth has been found to be caused by the staining of the enamel, which is the hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth. As the enamel changes its structure, the effect of various substances becomes more intense and thus staining appears (these substances are often represented by what we eat, drink and for a large part, by cigarettes).

Teeth whitening procedures are also known as teeth bleaching, employing several active ingredients to work properly. These are mainly represented by hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, both being quite efficient when it comes to improving the aspect of one’s teeth, providing a whiter smile. For all those interested in teeth whitening products, they should know that their effects last for several months, after which they must be re-applied for the teeth to remain white. Also, the increased use of substances that are likely to cause staining might be responsible for decreased treatment efficiency (beware of coffee and tea, plus cigarettes).

Some of the best results for teeth whitening have been obtained through the use of whitening trays, representing one of the most popular methods to be tried at home. Bleaching can provide a whole new appearance to teeth that were stained but one must pay attention to the instructions offered online and the individual variability. While some people may notice the effects of the teeth whitening products in several days, for others the treatment might take longer to become noticeable.

Before trying teeth whitening products, specialists advise going to a dentist for a routine checkup as there are several conditions that might reduce their overall efficiency. This is the case of teeth that have white spots, decay or gum disease but there have been cases reported when teeth whitening was not effective for patients who have undergone long-term treatments with tetracycline. For them, the only solution is extending the treatment for as long as it’s needed. In general and you will certainly discover that online, teeth whitening products are mostly recommended to those who have a yellow shade of teeth.

The market for tooth whiteners has developed immensely in the past few years, especially with the advent of the Internet. It’s no wonder that you can find online so many teeth whitening products, containing active ingredients that will provide you with a white smile. The various types of peroxide used for teeth whitening are incredibly effective, removing discolorations that are on every side of the tooth, on the surface and deeply rooted. The tooth enamel is bleached without its integrity being affected, diverse concentrations being used for teeth whitening. The gels that are typically used for such procedures have a concentration that can vary from 10 to 22% and in some cases 35% (the last one is not so much recommended).

Teeth whitening products that are based on custom-made trays are used nowadays on a wide scale, being a certain way to obtain that bright smile everyone desires. The carbamide peroxide gel is placed on the tray that is placed over the teeth and it’s usually worn for several hours or during sleep. The effects vary from patient to patient, ranging from several days to a couple of weeks. The greatest advantage results from the individually-adjusted tray for each patient but the gels used definitely contribute to the efficiency of these teeth whitening products, reputed for their safety and effective bleaching.

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Why choose tray-based teeth whitening?

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This article was published on 2008/04/10